Landing Page Practices for the Best UX

Landing Page Practices for the Best UX

Whether in denial or not, your landing page is definitely your brand’s most important selling point. It is because of this landing page that you have your customers and leads in place. However, if your landing page didn’t provide you with the results you were expecting, you obviously did not carry out the basics of search engine marketing right. That’s why you need a glimpse of all the best practices for the best user experience.

But before we begin, let’s be clear about being on the same page with respect to our comprehension of what a landing page is. It is a webpage that serves as the primary entry point to a website. The purpose behind creating a landing page is to attract leads and customers for your brand by giving them a glimpse of what you provide.

Now, let’s get on with the practices, shall we?

Go for Clarity

Whether it is a landing page or a mere advertisement, the message needs to come out loud and clear. A landing page that is clear, garners maximum conversions as opposed to an incomplete one. For the audience to not end up in confusion, the landing page must have everything your customer needs to know and shouldn’t have to go around looking for data.

Work on Making it a High-speed Site

Of course, you have the objective of garnering maximum traffic on your site by making people visit it, thus creating more brand awareness and conversions. But, if your site is not quick enough to load to your visitors’ expectations, all those goals you’ve set, go for a toss. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’ve lost more than half of the traffic. Just so you do not slow your site down, avoid putting large-sized images. In order to ensure that your site remains high-speed, you must keep an eye on the landing page loading time or just hire the best SEM company in India to do it for you.

Optimizing on Mobile is Essential

It is no myth that more than half of Earth surfs the internet through their mobile phones. Due to the growing popularity of the mobile internet, Google has created a mobile-specific algorithm that ranks your website based on the mobile browsing frequency and completely different from desktop ranking. For your landing page to be mobile optimized, you must use an interface that generates a mobile-friendly landing page. Once this has been achieved, your mobile site is bound to receive a 5% rise in conversion. In order to achieve this goal, opt for the best SEM company in India.

Create Action-driven Content

Content was, is and always will be king. And with it being used on digital platforms, engagement becomes the top objective for it. An optimized landing page content should be both engaging and informational for the visitors. If you are well-versed with the basics of search engine marketing, you will know this.

Overloaded with Information

The only information that is important for the visitors to know is all you must upload on the site. Landing pages with less content are ones that gain more traffic as opposed to landing pages that do not gain as much. Consistency, like other platforms, is very important with respect to content. That only engages your audience even more and makes them want to go ahead with your website.


Put Everything Out There

Make your landing page your prime USP. Tell your audience why your landing page is the one you must choose. You can do this by displaying all your offerings, but do it subtly. Do not falter in creativity, though. Make sure your content is engaging.

In conclusion, a landing page is the façade of your website and probably your brand. Before anyone approaches you, they are going to browse through your website. So make sure your website and its content lead them to stage two, i.e. conversions. Now that you know the tricks to the perfect landing page, get going, already!

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