The Real Benefits of AMP for Your Website

The Real Benefits of AMP for Your Website

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source project which aims to speed up web pages on the mobile devices. AMP allows the users to visit a page on your site instantly. AMP helps web pages to load faster which improves usability and allows the visitors to stay longer on your site engaging with the content. Faster load time also reduces the bounce rate and improves mobile ranking.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

  1. AMP speeds up website load time
  2. AMP ensures that your site brings in more visitors. The users can enjoy pages that do not make you wait. They guarantee that your site brings in more visitors.

  1. Positive influence on mobile banking
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages are not the ranking factors by themselves, but they have a positive influence on mobile ranking because its faster load time. If Google, begins to prioritize AMPs then it will have even more of an effect on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

  1. Improves server performance
  2. AMPs reduce the load on the server and improve their performance, if your site generates tons of traffic from the mobile.

  1. AMP to benefit publishers
  2. If a certain technology becomes popular, users will get accustomed to AMP as a standard. The publishers that are fast to adopt will see a benefit from the extra traffic of the users seeking AMP content.

Drawbacks of AMP

  1. Ad Revenue is limited
  2. Accelerated Mobile pages’ support ads and the potential to bring in revenue is limited. It is difficult to implement ads on AMP run pages.

  1. Analytics are adversely affected
  2. AMP usually supports Google Analytics but require a different tag, which needs to be applied on all pages of AMP. It takes a lot of time to place this tag and to be able to analyze and collect the data.

  1. Loses internal links
  2. There is a benefit of how much shorter load time can be due to Google’s loading pages instead of the site’s server. There is another drawback that can allow sites to lose the precious inbound links. Whenever an AMP page loaded on the mobile device, the original domain in the browser gets replaced by

  1. Ups performance of the website via utilization of Cache
  2. AMP is very useful in increasing the loading speed of the website. But it is also largely depending on Cache, that is flip side of using AMP.

Benefits of AMPs for SEO

  1. Higher ranking potential
  2. Implementing AMPs will influence the several ranking factors. Implementing AMPs will not influence rankings directly, but better the page speed, user experience, click-through rate and the more likely your pages are to rank higher.

  1. Helps reduce the bounce rate:
  2. Not only will speed have your readers staying on your page for longer, but it will also help in reducing your bounce rate. Low bounce rate will help in validating to search engines that your pages offer what they say and offer and that your audience finds them useful.

Until now, AMP was just for user experience. Now, Google has backed it up. Now it is encouraging websites to follow suit.

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