Why integrate Personalised Interactive Video in Marketing?

Why integrate Personalised Interactive Video in Marketing?

Over a recent couple of years, the digital channels have been taking over the traditional means of communications. Additionally, it is becoming a more valuable tool to reach the target audience. Be it small enterprise or big brands, all of them have begun integrating digital marketing as an important part of their marketing and sales strategy.

Often referred as the future of digital marketing, videos have been increasingly popular for customer engagement. It is reported that an average adult spends one hour everyday viewing digital video content and it is said to increase further. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to leverage on the videos to connect with the audience.

Integrating video with digital marketing and social media marketing is a great opportunity to success. Creating online interactive videos is an innovative way for companies to boost customer engagement, and improve customer experience.

Here’s why you must integrate interactive videos with your marketing to boost your business:

  • Customer experience

Digital marketing has increasingly turned being the need of the hour. Clubbing both digital and traditional marketing helps create unified and personalised conversations as it helps customers bring through individualised cycle. Personalised interactive videos help brands develop a bond with customers. Companies make use of customer data which allows customers to ‘self-serve’ in a personalised and interactive way. This additionally helps promote customer satisfaction and positive results.

  • Engagement

It is reported that 77% of internet users see digital marketing videos produced by the companies, thus more engagement. Additionally, ten out of seven people said that they have had a positive impression about the brand or the business after watching the video. Thus, digital video marketing helps promote better engagement between brands and the customers.

While there are numerous brands in the race to grab the customer’s attention, an interactive personalised video helps customers to customise their own experiences, hence it promotes more engagement.

  • Cross-channel prospects

Break down the silos of siloed communication which prevent a free flow of information and collaboration. Integrate traditional and digital marketing to come up with effective strategies and open your doors to cross-channel prospects. Think about the customer information that flows from the marketing videos. If the company doesn’t share this data, they’ll miss the bigger picture and make mistake while approaching the customers.

  • Bottom line impact

Businesses bother about money while integrating video with digital marketing platform. But most of them don’t realise that a personalised interactive video can be easily integrated with a multi-channel communication strategy. It can be used to streamline the processes to create a positive impact on bottom line. It can also be used to create personalised video explainers, provide information and resolve queries which help save the bottom line.

  • Amalgamating digital and traditional

Integration of videos with digital and traditional marketing will not only witness huge leaps in customer engagement and customer experience but also open more gateways to several other cross-channel prospects and further help save the bottom line.

Final words

With the help of personalised interactive video, you can be a one-stop shop solution provider for all your customer’s queries, inquiries, and product services.

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