2Fb potential untapped

2Fb potential untapped

Weren’t advertisers the happiest lot when that thing called social media happened? What could be better than a ready database of potential consumers, providing loads of information about themselves and their curious eyeballs, totally primed to the advertiser’s copy? The concept flew, and how! But funnily, the cash strapped small businesses ended up using the best features of social media to their advantage. Unfortunately, so far, most national brands have stopped at building a fan page for themselves.

And as per the latest figures, among the social media hulks, Facebook romps to place 1 as the most-preferred tool for most online marketing initiatives. Take a bow there, FB…  According to a new report from Merchant Circle, 70 percent of local businesses use Facebook for marketing. At this point, between 60% and 70% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from small businesses.

And I’m just wondering if national and global brands got just plain lucky getting there…. Guys, if you are interested in engaging your TG at the local level, please don’t stop at creating fan pages. The localised display on FB can promote a range of developments for the company, from local events and new store openings to holiday offers and other local promotions. Also, with Facebook, you can create geographically arranged groups within your fan page. Use it. Don’t spam a fan in Mumbai with invites for an event in Delhi.

Customising on a local level not only keeps the consumer informed but also serves as his Pied Piper to the nearest store, thereby triggering transactions and monetising your fanbase. After all, the consumer develops his relationship with the brand through the neighbourhood store, right? Brands find local online advertising time-consuming and difficult to scale. Facebook, however, makes the job easy, by helping you look at which percentage of the population will see your local message, and then build a national campaign customised and targeted on a local level.

The local companies currently running campaigns on Facebook are availing the social network’s self-serve ad tool. Obviously, that doesn’t work for big sharks trying to reach tens of thousands of people in multiple locales. But if they have access to Facebook’s Ad API, the process can be automated to give you fully customised campaigns for individual locations at a fraction of the time and effort.

So, take note, advertising gurus…. Analyse, customise, monetise… Facebook’s right-hand column awaits… Toodles from Ibea until next time

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