Coming Soon

Coming Soon

New launches in the digital world really get me all excited.
Don’t you feel intrigued? I mean cheap football kits who knows what’s the next big thing, right?
What wondrous new things are waiting for us around the corner? All to make our lives more social, more connected, simpler and much more exciting.
Which brings me to two upcoming launches that, on the face of it, seem really exciting. At least because of the people involved with it, if nothing else.

The first is Myspace.
Yeah, you heard right. Myspace.
Yes it still exists. Yes, it still does have a user base that runs into millions (less than 100 though), yes people still use it, yes, yes and yes to all the questions.
We all know about the rise and fall of the once mighty Myspace, so I won’t even go there. Let’s just look ahead and at Justin Timberlake. Yeah. I love him, since his ‘N Sync days. Please don’t judge me on that.
Did you know he’s part owner cheap football shirts of the new Myspace?

So here it is people, the re-launch of what was once the
social networking hangout of the world, especially the music world.
And is it pitching itself as a direct rival to ‘that-gargantium-social-networking-giant-that-we-shall-not-name?’
The answer is a big resounding No. Thank heavens for that.
Check out the preview video here for a glimpse of things to come. I must say it looks pretty slick.

The second is Medium.
The brand new collaborative publishing cheap football tops platform created by Obvious, the company led by Ev Williams andBiz Stone.

The launch is particularly noteworthy and awaited with bated breath, considering these two are quite possibly the Christopher Nolan and the Martin Scorsese of the digital world. Remember Blogger? Heard of a micro-blogging platform called Twitter?
Yeah, those two are products of Obvious. And they have a history of providing the world with new and unique publishing platforms.

Medium will be a publishing platform that would enable you to work with others and Cheap Barcelona football shirts collectively raise the quality of what’s produced, what with most popular posts featuring on the top, rather than in a chronological order.

Medium if currently open only to few hundred early adopters, so you’ll have a wait a wee bit longer to check it out.

Without rambling on and on about it, you can learn more about it from Evan Williams himself, here.

No one knows how good these products will be. Will Cheap Manchester United football shirts they create a storm or gather dust? Will they bring about another revolution?

Only time will tell.

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