Finding Faith on Social Media

Finding Faith on Social Media

I came cheap football kits across these beautiful lines.

Measure your words before you speak,
See how much cheap football shirts they are worth,
If they are worth something, then say something,
If they aren’t, then say nothing.


I am in a philosophical mood today. So while tweeting, I related these words to Twitter, where the 140 character limit leaves us with no choice but to measure our words before sharing. Today I establish a strange connection between social media and spirituality. Like never before.

Next, I went on Facebook and spotted cheap football tops an exquisite picture few friends shared carrying this line: God expects, spiritual fruits, not religious nuts. This picture earned lot of likes and shares. I too promptly shared it. I lingered there for some time and explored some other popular pictures. While a lot of it was fun and jokes, there was also deep, meaningful stuff people shared. Seemed like reading pages from a spiritual book. It triggered a journey within.

So guys, here is how I look at it. Social media connects people. Humanity binds us together. In India we have the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, (which has always intrigued me right from my childhood). It says:Only small men discriminate saying, One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family. Ofcourse I am not implying you apply this to social media literally, but if social media brings us together instantly, then how about it also binding us spiritually, perhaps as one big family that experiences a deep spiritual connect globally? Are spiritual gurus already using social media to spread their message of peace, love and brotherhood? The answer is ‘yes’.

Did you know Dalai Lama has an official twitter page? He has over nine million fans following him in cyberspace.

The Pope himself launched the official Vatican Cheap Barcelona football shirts site (on an ipad!). It is open for followers everywhere.

The Art of Living, world’s largest volunteer-based humanitarian and educational non-governmental organization (NGO) also has a Facebook page.

Auroville a city in the make in south-India, dedicated to human unity, based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother also has a Facebook presence.

And if we take these cases as examples, we see that people across age groups are connecting to them spirituality via the digital medium, and to each other as well where they see common faith. Wonderful, I say.

But here is an afterthought. Many of us grew up before the digital age became this big. At a time when spiritual quest meant actually reading volumes of books, meditating or hearing someone our family looked up to to get answers to our spiritual Cheap Manchester United football shirts quests. While today it is easier to connect to our faith (literally speaking), what still helps in experiencing the ‘real’ spirituality is turning inwards, meditating and hearing words of wisdom through a face-to face.

Till we meet again, I hope we not only stay connected to each other, but also to our inner selves. God bless our souls!

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