Impact of Internet of Things on Digital Marketing

Impact of Internet of Things on Digital Marketing

Web browser or app is what strikes our minds when we think of internet. However, there is a lot more to it, IoT or Internet of Things is a technological revolution that impacts all your actions. It enables the internet connected devices such as iPads, smartphones, Fitbits, sensors and gadgets, etc. to collect and exchange data, creating the largest data bank.

IoT has led to open doorways to numerous business opportunities for digital marketers. It gives the leverage to digital companies to come up with innovations and improve their operations to serve their customers in better way. Reshaping the industries, IoT has led to creating new ways of doing business.

Let’s discuss some way through which IoT impacts digital marketing:

Creates customer experience

Most of the IoT campaigns and projects are highly based on optimisation and trigger process and goals that are indirectly related to creating the convenient customer experience.

We now live in the world of conveniences, where a mere click is set to give you the desired experience. Be it food, music, movies, education, or friends, you can all get it online. For example, buying groceries early meant visiting the nearby store, however, now just ‘add to the cart’ on your app.

IoT leads to increase in customer expectations, thus, it is important to ensure that you market and deliver the high value of convenience and satisfaction to the customers.

Connects physical world with digital

IoT has the power to connect physical and social data with the digital or online devices. We already know there are smart TVs and appliances or smart refrigerator that are connected with your phones and mitigate social interactions using your social identity. These devices turn to be a great source of data for marketing.

While customer engagement increases and they turn hyper-connected, IoT has turned being a gold mine for data-driven marketers.

Big marketing helps create bigger data

Data is crucial for marketers and it means everything to them. Every bit and minor details gathered together just adds more meaning to it and helps determine the clear message.

With IoT, the data is mushrooming in both the scope as well as its size. The more the data, the deeper the relationship of marketers with customers which helps have relevant campaigns leading to more customer engagement. 

Eases target marketing for specific solution

While we know only visibility is not going to get you business. The innovative and sophisticated marketing methods help marketers find the right target audience for your business.

With the help of IoT, the target marketing turns easy and specific. It not only caters providing solutions to psychographic and demographic target customers but also helps give solutions to the product users.


IoT has a tremendous impact on digital marketing as it outstrips the big data, promotes mobile marketing and personalised approach and helps create customer experience with current market trends.

IoT is the immerging new world for marketers in the digital era.

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