Tips to deal with negative reviews in the digital world

Tips to deal with negative reviews in the digital world

In the era of internet where opinion about your brand is the key to successful business, customer reviews and feedbacks matter the most. The buying decision of a customer often relies on the opinion of others, which can be negative sometimes. And being a business owner you cannot let those reviews take a toll on your business. But responding to such comments and dealing with them is difficult as you just cannot let them go.

So here are five effective tips that help you deal with negative reviews online:

  • Give appropriate response

While the natural reaction to reading a negative comment for your business, product or employee would be to ‘prove your point right’ and justify yourself. However, that’s not going to help you and your brand. Before responding to both positive and negative comment, know that everyone else is also reading them. Your customers read other comments and the way you react to it.

Ensure you don’t blame the commenter for any wrong or misleading comment and don’t take those comments personally. Rather, focus on what is said and respond in a balanced, subtle and professional way.

  • Give brief replies

Social media is an open public platform and you wouldn’t want a too much of display of a negative comment on your business. Thus, keep your replies polite and simple. Example: “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kindly get in touch with our customer service representative to resolve the issues.” Keeping your replies brief helps avoid problems and additionally encourages the customer to contact you and resolve the matter.

  • Comments are a free research

The comments received on social media is a part of consumer research. It is a great insight for you and your business. Ensure keeping a record of this comments, tips and suggestions while you respond and resolve customer’s problems. As your customer’s can be really helpful in getting you some valuable information. This will help you see the value rather simply focusing on handling queries on social media platform.

  • Know that everyone is reading your responses

Always be aware that be it replying to positive or negative comments, your responses are being read by everyone else. Though, not many people would respond and comment on it but, they’ll read what others comment and observe the way you respond.

Hence, replying to negative comments is an opportunity for you to build and develop a good relationship with your customers. Show them your care, involvement and thoughtfulness about resolving their problems. Show them that you listen and respond to their queries in appropriate manner. This helps win customer’s trust and loyalty.

  • Seek expert assistance

Consider hiring a social media expert or manager that interacts with customers. Make sure you consistently comment and respond to your customer’s queries. Hiring a social media manager also helps you boost your social media presence as well as keep negative comments at bay. Simply ensure being open to accepting your customer’s views, opinions, and information.


Get involved and interact more with your customers.

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