Videos: A dark horse of the digital Strategy

Videos: A dark horse of the digital Strategy

Since the advent of Television in the mid-20th century, humans have been programmed to watch endless videos in the form of sitcoms, movies and serials. In the Internet age, the intriguing factor of videos still manage to hook humans onto it. The only thing is, internet has also reduced the patience for watching videos. So within minimum time, maximum effect is what this internet age expects.

What makes the videos so intriguing?

  1. Expressive and experiential communication
  2. Scope for Content experimentation
  3. Seamless creativity
  4. If a video has some catchy element, it stays as a recall more than any other type of content
  5. Humans are plain lazy and prefer watching videos over reading the same content

The above facts clearly state the reason, why videos have always formed the biggest proportion of “viral content”

So why should videos be an integral part of your digital strategies:

  1. Google Search Result pages have open doors for millions of businesses to be seen to an audience which they must have never thought of reaching to. The competition to be on the first page on google has the bids soaring higher & higher. In this cut throat competition, Videos gives a cutting edge and is 52 times more likely to show up on page one of Google than a text article simply coz there is not much competition in that sector.
  2. An interesting video on the landing page will reduce the bounce rate by making the consumer spend more time on the landing page.
  3. This also ensures that the message on the landing page that needs to be conveyed has been delivered appropriately via the video.
  4. The videos should be used as per the objective targeted to the correct set of audience to attain maximum conversions. For example: if the video is about educating about a product or service, it strengthens the trust on the brand and leads to the next stage of the buying cycle. If the video is about general entertainment, more than conversions, the results will be engagement and brand awareness.
  5. Your videos can become the face of your brand resulting in a higher recall just like what a popular TVC does for any brand in traditional media. Remember the Daag ache hai Ad of Surf Excel? Precisely!
  6. Videos are created to increase engagement which causes loads of communication happening with the brand. This communication eventually may lead to virality raising the brand name from an unknown identity to a household name in mere span of days.
  7. Lastly, keep it short and simple. This golden rule applies to all the content especially on digital space where the consumer memory spans just 8 secs of proper attention. So to hook a consumer onto your video, it will need an impactful start and by keeping it short and to the point, the brand can improve its loyal viewer base.

If you are a digital marketer, make sure you make the most of this dark horse which has not been explored to its true potential. No wonder, videos give a conversion rate of 86% if placed correctly with appropriate content on a landing page.

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