Ways to shape your brand voice

Ways to shape your brand voice

In today’s competitive world of marketing, consumers are bombarded with advertisements wherever they go. This has made very difficult for the brands to be heard and create an effective and lasting impact on people. Thus, having a unique, strong and impactful brand voice is most important.

Brand voice is the mirror of your business. The personality of your business is defined by the tone, language and the voice you use. It has the power to make you or break you depending on the choice of the words and concepts you use to convey your message to the audience.

Thus, a brand voice should be consistently meaningful, purposeful and engaging as well as in sync with your logo, tagline, colour pallet, visual branding, online presence and product packaging which help drive marketing and branding strategy.

Let’s look at some of the effective ways that help you power and shape your brand voice:

  • Know your audience

Before taking into a dig into developing your brand voice, you need to know whom are you going to connect with, your target audience. It is always suggested to create custom personas of your customer, to get better and clear picture of them. Ask questions like:

  • Who is your reader, a male or female?
  • Age limit?
  • How educated they are?
  • Where do they socialize?
  • What type of media they consume?

Once, you’ve gathered the information and known your customer well, you can then decide on having a brand tonality and voice that suits your customer’s demand.

  • Choose the communication style

Brand style is the important characteristic that makes you stand out from the rest. Invest sometime in thinking about the overall style of communication you want your brand to have. The style of your communication is defined by the elements like length and structure of the content as well as the tone of voice and words used.

Whatever be your style; formal or informal ensure it goes well with your customers and appealing. Make sure you meet their expectations and last but not the least make the content easily available and accessible to them on the platforms they mostly use.

  • Develop the content strategy

Once you’ve gotten under the customer’s skin and have locked your style of communication take a step ahead and create a content strategy that interests your audience as well as meets your objectives and goals. Determine the language that you will use for the sentences, choose the range of topics that you will cover with a good balance of images.

Ensure that you talk to the point, be informative and develop actionable content. Develop the content keeping your customer, strategy and brand voice in the mind.


Developing a brand voice is one of the most important steps in defining your business as well as positioning yourself in the market among competitors so that the audience can easily identify you. Follow these simple ways and make your mark.

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