Live Video Streaming: The next big thing to boost brand engagement

Live Video Streaming: The next big thing to boost brand engagement

In the era of ever changing digital trends, it is very difficult for brands to cope with them. However, flexibility and matching the digital foot prints is the only way to keep up in the competitive market. Though streaming content online isn’t a new thing, however, Facebook Live, Periscope and Meerkat has been significantly popular for sharing live video broadcast. As it helps drive more real-time conversations, responses, engagement and data.

It is reported that 74% of internet traffic is expected to be video in 2017 and 51.9% marketing professionals stated video content to generate best ROI. Hence, real-time content is the key to boosting your brand engagement for 2017.

Let’s discuss how real-time or live streaming video helps boost your brand engagement:

  • Give your audience a peekaboo

Be friend with your customers, give them a sneak-peek of your whereabouts. Make them feel comfortable and as one among yourself. Use the power of live streaming to its fullest and drive more and more engagement. Show them behind-the-curtains scene how you work and create your product.

  • Share live events

Connect with your audience by sharing live events of your brand or company. Encourage interactions with your audience. Create stories of the viewers, keep them posted about the happenings in the event. Walk through and shoot the event, show them the event. Respond to the comments of your audience develop interactions by asking questions about what did they like or what would they like to see.

  • Host interviews

Host live interviews to build your brand image by developing deeper and personal relation with your audience. Win the trust of your audience by capitalizing on authenticity. Make the most of the live streaming and engage real-time with the industry experts, and influencers or even employees and customers.

  • Share the breaking news

Sharing or announcing the latest company development on the live feed can be more interesting and effective than a formal press release. Be real and be ready to answer queries and questions of your audience. Ensure that you just plan prior and inform your audience in advance about the live streaming so that they be available for it.

  • Host Q&A sessions

Plan and organise question and answer sessions where the audience can reach you directly and ask you about their concerns. It not only helps promote engagement but also helps bridge bond between you and the audience as your interest shows that you care about their thoughts and opinions. Put up topics that add value to the users and tag the user while answering the questions. Choose a definite topic rather answering random questions.

Final words

While the possibilities of live streaming video to connect with your audience are endless, all you need to ensure is creating unique and different content that clicks your audience.