Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Who Wins?

Obama vs. Mitt Romney: Who Wins?

It’s time for action in the United States. Election cheap football kits campaigns are in full swing for the 57th quadrennial United States Presidential post. And if you have been following the latest updates, then you will know that candidates are leaving no stone unturned in their valiant efforts to lead the country. If high engagement level with supporters is the need of the hour, then what could be better than using social media platforms like cheap football shirts Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for promotion?

I have always believed information found on social media can help voters determine their choices as much as traditional media sources like TV or newspapers. For instance, there are over 10 million users ‘checking in’ on Foursquare around the world and voters in U.S. alone can keep a track of the President and administration officials visit around the country. Now which candidate would want to miss out on gaining visibility on a platform cheap football tops like that? Obama’s ‘Foursquare’ profile was created over a year ago, but its exhaustive use started only recently. Earlier this year in April (way before the upcoming elections), President Obamahad also held a town hall-style meeting at Facebook headquarters which was broadcasted exclusively followed by another town hall-style Q&A session that took all its questions for Obama from Twitter. If you are wondering about its success, then let me tell you, more than 150,000 questions were submitted.

But Obama is not the only one out there. Do you know Cheap AC Milan football shirts Mitt Romney, another strong contender for the President’s post, for instance, has one of the most detailed and comprehensive Foursquare profile packed with check-ins, tips, photos and so much more in there? Social media may just emerge as something sought after in the political landscape in the future. Perhaps even in India. Frankly speaking, I won’t be surprised if in the upcoming 2014 national elections, our candidates followed a similar trend to win our priceless votes.

As of now using social media for elections seems like a smart Cheap England football shirts thing to do. I am curious to see the results and benefits it eventually brings. That’s all for now; until my next buzz. Stay networked!

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