The ‘plus’ side of IT!

The ‘plus’ side of IT!

Google’s very own social networking platform, Google+, does pretty much what all social networks do – facilitate connections and sharing. No doubt with Facebook rapidly subsuming the Internet, Google has managed to identify its actual competitor well. And the battleground too – social media. Where it might have goofed is the choice of weapons.

Wouldn’t it have been better to just make a clone of FB to compete with FB? After all, they say imitation is the best form of flattery! And though a company like Microsoft received a lot of flak for not using original ideas, it was too busy copying other people’s products and tweaking them into winners to notice… and look where it got them! Google, however, cannot seem to make up its mind. The company believes in ideas from scratch but ends up subconsciously imitating. Ironically, the company’s own foundation was a clone of Altavista, tweaked to create the killer app that became Google.

Considering three of Google’s feeble attempts at social media – Orkut, Buzz and Wave – were flashes in the pan, what were the odds that Plus will turn out a winner? Well, frankly, I quite dig the G+ concept of ‘Circles’, which helps people share classified information with small select groups. It’s fun to use too… Facebook has not scored much in the privacy management department. Kudos, Google… the concept has surely hit it off with small groups, such as book groups and college cliques. But was it enough to shake the habit called Facebook?

Experts conclude that Google+ is just another swipe Google is trying to have at Facebook for having raked the entire internet user base off the table. But apart from the concept of Circles, where Facebook has indeed had an oversight, Google+ has been the new Orkut… Or Google could have bought the closest match, MySpace, and tweaked it to compete. All that was needed to match FB’s functionality was the Microsoft philosophy of ‘embrace and extend’…  What say, Google?

The marketers have decided to keep a close eye on the Plus, and may possibly consider advertising on it to the groups that matter to them, but that might just be the long and short of it. Google+, sweetie, we have miles to go before we sleep, miles to go before we dent Facebook’s 750 million user base!!!

So all ye techfreaks… this is ibea signing off for now… Until next time, stay buzzing!

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