Vine and Dine

Vine and Dine

There was a big debate at work today; on the short lives of social media networks. It isn’t actually true, I mean look at Facebook and Twitter; also Pinterest and Instagram…they look like they are going to be around for a while. However, a while as been redefined in the internet world…I think everyone suffers from a bit of ADHD (in other words, really short attention spans) because of the great inflow of information on the internet. It’s only fair. If the social media world is constantly evolving, the networks are keeping up with constant revamps and updates.

Facebook launched Graph Search earlier this year, quickly followed by Instagram’s photo-tagging feature and just like the users, brands, companies and everyone else hopped on to it to best use the changes to their advantage.

While Facebook remains the most widely used platform, I notice a shift. This shift is as gentle and subtle as the shift of the Earth’s tectonic plates. One day in the future, we will wake up and find that Australia is right next to China, but for now, even if we don’t notice it, the shift is happening and is very much real.

As the internet speeds and reach increase, so does the ability to download and stream content. What was not thinkable a year ago, is now possible….and that is high-speed video streaming. From plain text we have shifted to heavily visual content with the emergence of Instagram and Pinterest. And now this April, while Twitter-acquired video social network Vine noticed a 200% jump in its unique followers, we can safely say, video is here to stay.

Video sharing was growing, Vimeo…ShowYou, there are enough social video sharing apps in the market today, but Vine marked the next step. The step that connects the everyday user to the art of creation. While Instagram made everyone a photographer, Vine is now letting the filmmaker out of the ordinary Harry.

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