Why I Broke up with Windows7

Why I Broke up with Windows7

Last year, amidst all the great iPhones and Samsungs, I was on that important threshold of life named, ‘I-need-to-buy-a-new-phone.’ My sad Blackberry Curve was dying and I was in no mood to save it. All prepared for its funeral, I was racking my brains to make what could be one of the biggest decision of my life, a new phone.

When you decide to buy a new phone, the choice these days is not about the phone model, the first and foremost factor is the OS.

Depending on the OS you choose, your User Experience could differ by galaxies. A year back, the choice was mine and I decided to try out the newly launched Windows 7, sleekly packed in Nokia Lumia 800.

Windows 7 used to call its app store Marketplace which was equipped with enough apps to get you started. Facebook, Twitter and a handful more… it’s enough but leaves a lot to be desired. It is a very fast OS and its syncing capabilities deserve a pat on Microsoft’s back but for the everyday digital native, the absence of Instagram was like missing water on earth. It’s still a great phone I guess…but for my mother.

The Windows Phone 7 OS is nothing like Windows Mobile. It’s got a trendy, almost magazine-like new look, and it is incredibly simple to use despite its different approach to just about everything.

But if you are aping Apple and not providing us with basic Bluetooth file transfer, no system-wide file manager, too much dependency on Zune software for computer file management and syncing, at least provide enough third-party apps to make our lives easier.

The same User Interface that attracted me towards it was the most boring thing on earth by the end of six month because of the lack of personalization capabilities.

Everyone deserves to drag and drop, everyone deserves to Instagram every morsel they eat and drink and most importantly, everyone deserves an extended Whatsapp wallpaper pack.

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