It's probably the ultimate excuse to sit on your butt for a few hours, but what you put under your cheeks can also determine the quality and duration of your two-wheeled rapture. I have Russel day long in black leather. May 23, 2019 #9. Recent Activity; What's New? I had a Russell Day Long on all 5 of my Suzuki Vstroms from 2006 to 2016. The RDL Sport seat is the best seating option for me. I then got a travelcade, which dropped the seat height and made for a more comfortable ride. The fit, the feel is worth every penny! I'm 6' 210# 34" inseam. The Russell Day Long saddle is built to your physique. Currently I have a sheepskin on the stock seat, and I have used Airhawk products … In 1990 with 5 years to improve custom motorcycle seat construction he opened Bill Mayer Saddles “BMS” with new technology, in 1998 he formed a partnership with his oldest son Bill “Rocky” Mayer III. Has Motorcycle Seat Review. Despite the lengthy riding time, my butt never got sore or numb. I am going to0 get the vinyl seat. For me, it has been the ultimate custom seat and I've tried others. After reading many positive reviews on this site for the Russell Day Long (RDL) seat, and after reading through the testimonials on their website, I decided to have them build a seat for my R1200RT. Riders and enthusiasts of all brands are welcomed. Re: Russell Day long seat is money well spent « Reply #4 on: April 09, 2016, 01:53:49 am » My ride to NM from TN a in late March included two 600 mile days, a 500 mile day… The occasion was the annual Rod Run on the S.W. It was very pricey, but I have used it on three bikes since 2011. K1200LT RT Series Chit Chat Humor K1600GT/GTL. My second ST1100 came with a worn out Corbin, I reupholstered it, added a 1/2” foam and that has been the most comfortable riding seat for me on a 10-14 hour riding day. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to quantify seat comfort. Note ? The seat pushes me forward into the tank and I'm constantly trying to push myself back into the seat. Each seat … Full Forum Listing. Russell Day-Long Saddle Company incorporates our patented Support Suspension System. The day after I got the Russell seat I went on a ride that lasted around 8 hours, with minimal time off the bike. I wouldn't get anything else. Russell Day Long (RDL) seat experience. I think I like the Seth Laam better for the Super Teneree. On my previous Wings (10 in all) I’ve had Stock; Corbin; Russell Day-Long and Ultimate. I took my first "long rides" on my new seat this weekend. The OEM F3L Spyder seat was causing numbness and aggravating my sciatica issues. Having a seat that is made for your own body is like a custom made pair of shoes! It can make quick stops precarious. I bought it for the first strom and then kept the seat every time I'd update bikes. Russel Day Long, BMS (formerly known as Bill Mayer Saddles, now Best Motorcycle Seats), Sargent and about a dozen other options from local saddlers to other big names. One Word: Awesome. But for all day comfort nothing, not a Sargent nor a Touratech breathable is more comfortable. Initial review: After 800 miles of riding in the last two weeks: First: Service from Russell: very good, but expect a 3-4 month wait. But if you really mean long distance, I believe Russel is the most used seat in Iron Butt Rallies. If you want to improve the visibility of your motorcycle a headlight modulator and additional lights to the front of your motorcycle are a good investment. The patented suspension ‘Day-Long’ seat has been providing support and comfort for every kind of bike rider, no matter how tall, how short, how heavy or thin or in-between. Reviews, Forums, Rides, Videos, Classifieds and Community. If you go this route, I strongly recommend their ride-in program where they do all the measurements, build a mock-up seat, allow you to test/modify, then complete the seat that day. My initial impressions are as follows: 1. Last fall ... You CAN change position on a Russell seat. Here is what I found out first hand: At the end of last month (April), I met a friend who had a “ride in” appointment at Russell Cycle Products Inc. (aka Day Long seats) in Redding, CA. Finally last Fall, sent my stock ST1300 seat in to Russell-Day-long saddle. Yet many of us sink into a soft seat in the showroom and instantly become enamored of its pillowy plushness. In this video we look at the motorcycle lights I installed on 2018 Honda Goldwing and the Day Long seat from Russell Cycle Products. It often comes down to individual taste, there is no general "best". I probably had 150k miles on that seat. I am very impressed by the seats by Seth Laam. The Russel is about an inch higher than stock. The Russell seat on my FJR was great, it truly was an all day seat. So there is a give a take. Quick Links. It bums me out because if I don't like the Russell, what will I like? Victory Motorcycles: Motorcycle Forums. After trying four H-D seats (stock, Hammock, CVO, and Air Zeppelin), I went with a totally custom seat from Russell Day Long. Premier Member. The pattern is a combination of the "half moon" and the diamond pattern. Day one was about 190 miles, and day two was "only" about 160 miles. The stock seat on the ’18 Tour is horrible. In this video I unbox the Russell Day Long saddle for my 2019 BMW GS1250 Adventure. I want a more comfortable long distance seat on my ’18 Tour. I suspect this is due largely to the addition width of the seat as Russell says, and not to any real height ... modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, reviews, and more! Home Forums > Victory Forum > Victory General Discussion > Home. Sargent World Sport Performance Seat Review; ... Russell Day-Long Saddles. I found Ultimate to be the most comfortable next to the Stock seats on the 1100 and ’02. Russell Cycle Products has just that. Motorcycling is a pursuit best enjoyed on your hindquarters. I finally bought a 2005 GS last year and the first thing I missed was the Russell seat, so I … Russell Cycle, home of the Day-Long bike seats, is happy to custom make the bike seat you’ve been hoping for! Did a 150 mile ride today and my, uh, gentleman parts were screaming for mercy. Home. 444 Posts . Rode for days without any issues, did not even weant to get of the seat during a tank stop. I learned to deal with the seat on my SV650, but the BMW seat is just not comfortable for long trips. Long rides by my standards, anyway. There were 5 of us on the camping trip and all had different bikes, so we did a lot of trading rides. With high hopes to remedy the situation, I sent the seat to Russell Cycle Products for a rebuild. I searched the prior posts about the Russell Day Long saddle, and really could not find any actual reviews. However he has told me he believes the Russell seats are better for riders over a certain weight. I was only moving away from Russell only because I did not want the looks of a bike diminished, the RM is a beautiful bike, you see one Gold wing and you've seen them all. 1,000 miles of twisty roads, every meal on a different road, and I was always glad to get back on the ST with my Russell Day Long saddle. From “J.B.” (05/11): ” While you are considering seat alternatives, the Russell Day Long seat gets my vote. May 23, 2019 #9. I got back my seat from Russell Day Long. Russell Day Long Saddles are still popular saddles, however they are using old Bill Mayer technology from 1971, now much more stylish and still a “Ride all Day smile All the Way” saddle! On one trip with the seat I was able to ride 700 miles a day for three days in a row before I found myself squirming around a bit near the end of the last day. Does hold your legs wider up front. I ride a 2014 GSA, am 73" tall, 32" inseam. I have Vinyl and get a sweaty bottom. It was so comfortable that it completely eliminates seat comfort as a reason to stop riding. I cannot say enough about this seat - it is just that good. russell day long seat reviews, russell day long seats review, russell day-long perforated suede seat, russell saddles, russell saddles motorcycle, victory cross country saddle review. Washington coast at Long Beach. Our patented bike seat support system distributes your body weight evenly so you get the support where you need it. I did a short ride, 30 miles, for a first impression description. Over the years I have heard quite about bit about the Russell Day-Long Touring Seats in Shasta City, CA. Many of our seats are more than twice as large as others to give you even more comfort so you can ride all ‘day-long’! Corbin's are off the shelf one size fits all seat. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 11, 2009. Hard to believe. I took delivery of my seat last week, have put about 400 miles on it so far. My comparison of the stock seat to my new Russell Day Long saddle. GarminDave Ex-Arkwright. Sure, it’s more expensive, but the difference is huge, from “monkey butt” to “home sweet home.” I’ve had a Russell on my KLR for 8 years and am still in love. The leather is extremely high quality. I ordered the seat custom from Russell Day Long in California. I had them move the rider back about 1.5" and up about 1"... and add about the same amount to the passenger seat for more support for my wife. I can slide forward or back to change my position. It was between Russell and Corbin. I've resisted getting a Russell many times, but finally gave them a try.. The Meyers seats seem to be a gamble, where the Russell seems to consistantly deliver so that seems to be the right choice. I tried a Russel Day long for a day. I have a bit of a dilemma. 71 were here. Just bought an '09 that came with what looks like a brand-new Russell Day-Long. The last post was by Joncallihan, who received his new seat, but I did not see a review. Now I can check out what height seat suits me best and use that seat as the donor seat for the Russell day long, Likes: Kim Leeson and Sean. I had a Russell on my Wing and loved it. Explore Our Forums. The RT was traded in on a 2016 1600GT and within a few thousand miles I ordered a an all leather Sport Seat from RDL for the GT. Unboxing and Install of the Russell Day Long seat on a 2018+ Goldwing. Yes, had a Russell All Day on my 2006 VFR800. I just installed the Russell Day Long seat on my F3-L and went on a short 20 mile ride. After a couple of long back to back days in the saddle I knew I needed a new seat. ... Each course was three weeks long, spending around six hours a day in the saddle. I have a Seth Laam for my Teneree and for my wife's r1100rs. Gel is not an option, the desert heat is just too much and gel heats up. For those considering - hope this information be helpful. My review is not likely one you'll find on their website, but it is one you may want to consider if you're in the market for a seat more comfortable than the stock R12RT seat. Leather inserts with vinyl sides, (see images attached).

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