Writing a blog, simplified! Check out some effective Do’s and Don’ts here

Writing a blog, simplified! Check out some effective Do’s and Don’ts here

In the world of digitization, just like there are many fishes in the pond, so are bloggers. While everybody is blogging these days, we know there are no set rules for writing. You can write whatever you want and the way you want. However, if you are a business owner, you’d probably need some rules or basic guidelines to stick to, that help you stand out and compete with million other blogs published every day.

Given below are some of the effective do’s and don’ts that simplify blogging:

The Blogging DO’s

  •  A blog should be easy-to-read unlike company’s annual report or website
  •  Know your target audience and develop a conversational writing style
  •  Keep your blogs short and to the point, as the attention span of your audience is very short
  •  Answer the questions like how, what, where, when, who, etc. in your blogs
  •  Be casual in your tone, but maintain professionalism
  •  Make grammar checks, punctuations and spell checks before publishing your blog
  •  Use simple language and tone. Keep your sentences short
  •  Utilize the space and avoid clutter. Make your content look more presentable
  •  Choose easy to read fonts with a readable font size
  •  Ensure keeping a consistent colour scheme which do not distract the eyes
  •  Use graphics to avoid making your blog content heavy
  •  Create engaging, entertaining, informative, organized and unique content
  •  Maintain a consistent tone of voice for brand image
  •  Make use of bullets and points for simplification
  •  Respond to your blog comments
  •  Share your blog post on social media platforms
  •  Make use of SEO tools

The Blogging DON’TS

  •  Write for a purpose. Don’t just write to blog or post
  •  Don’t force-feed keywords to boost SEO
  •  Avoid writing long paragraphs as its tough for readers to continue reading
  •  An expression is fine, but don’t be negative
  •  Don’t be a sales person, no one wants to read a sales promotion
  •  Don’t publish overly large content, break it into chunks
  •  Don’t curate or plagiarize, use your own research and creative skills to write
  •  Don’t publish without proofreading
  •  Don’t use other people’s stuff without giving credits
  •  Don’t hide your mistakes- be open and accept them
  •  Avoid making grammar mistakes. Even if you do, ensure correcting it ASAP
  •  Don’t over use bold, italics and underline, as it causes distraction in reading
  •  There is no shortcut to being a successful blogger overnight. It takes years of blogging to earn loyal customers


Though, mentioned are the do’s and don’ts. However, know that these are not the ground rules for a pro-blogging. But these are sure to help you blog better.