YouTube Marketing Tips to Optimize Video Campaigns

YouTube Marketing Tips to Optimize Video Campaigns

Now that you’ve a video and ready to start your video campaign, there are a few things to keep in mind for its success. Videos are the most consumed content on the internet and marketers are using it for a greater reach and impact. However, making it reach its maximum views isn’t easy without knowing some technicalities. To get you started, here are a few tips.

Write relevant headline & accurate description

If you’re making ‘how-to’ or DIY type videos, it is always good to adhere to SEO to get more views. Use keywords and make the headline not more than 55 characters. Since many mobile users watch videos while commuting, this will help you get higher ranking for mobile searches too. YouTube’s description section is the best place to use keywords. Make sure to also include links to your website and other social media channels.

Use eye-catching thumbnail

One of the first few things viewers will notice is the thumbnail of the video. An eye-catching thumbnail will grab attention and increase your chances of getting more views. Click-baity thumbnails are good, but if it is not related to the content, viewers will leave your video a few seconds in. Use only high-resolution images and make sure that the foreground stands out from the background.

Use relevant tags

Again, to get higher search ranking on YouTube, use keywords as tags. You can also put your competitors’ name. That way, when someone watches your competitor’s video, yours will come up in the ‘related video’ section. Although YouTube does not restrict the numbers of tags, do not overuse it.

Use search bar to get keywords

As you must have understood by now, even with video marketing, SEO is very important. And the best place to get keywords is in YouTube itself! When you start tying on the bar, YouTube will guess what you’re trying to find. These guesses are actually based on phrases that were typed by countless numbers of viewers. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use these phrases as keywords for your video.

Be consistent

YouTube is constantly changing its algorithm and now, videos need to be consistent. Make a plan and upload videos on regular basis. Otherwise, it may negatively impact your channel in terms of views and subscribers.

Encourage interaction

Use call-to-action to encourage viewers to act. This will help you get leads and sales. The call-to-action can be the link to your website, to download app, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. You can even use interactive features like overlays, end screens, and YouTube cards.

Share & promote

If you have a database of your audience, email the video directly to them in a newsletter. Obviously, sharing the video on other social channels is very important. You can even target relevant groups on Facebook and Twitter.

Creating video content and optimizing it is not an easy task. However, remember that video marketing has a high ROI. There are digital marketing companies in India that will help you understand and create the right video marketing plan so that your video ranks high on YouTube search result.